Land Drainage Plows

The Inter-Drain Trenchless machines

The Inter-Drain Trenchless machines are renowned for their reliability and economy. Their concept is based on various principles:

 A)    Double-linkage system, Inter-Drain GP-Series

 B)    Single-linkage system, Inter-Drain TL-Series

 C)    Single beam system, Inter-Drain SP-Series

 Each system ensures good to perfect grading capabilities and the transfer of reaction forces resulting in increased pulling capability. Its rugged, but clean design has proven its worth also in all possible soil-conditions. Each system is accompanied which each own advantages like speed, accuracy and or pull-power.

Models are available from 300 Hp to 550 Hp with tractive efforts of over 50 tons. High accurate installation speeds are possible. Inter-Drain 'plows' ensure the cheapest drainage or cable installation possible per meter. Most all models are equipped with tilt control, oscillating tracks and air-condition/heater, etc. The standard features with this machine make any Inter-drain plough an all-round machine suitable for today's contractor.


2011 08 Inter Drain 2050GP





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